A Little Rant on Debt and Consumer Culture

This is one of my better rants of late:

…I mean, there are Ponzi schemes and Ponzi Schemes, but this one is the mother of all Ponzis, and when the Hayekian Knowledge Bill Collector shows up, the auditors are going to have a hard time figuring out who’s going to jail. Because we’ll have to wall in the entire continent, even though most of the people would run out in their hiking gear, Prada accessories, and leveraged automobiles crying their innocence, while their undisciplined, daycare-raised children, steeped in the religion of consumerism and socialism, drag video games out of bookless rooms to the sound of exercise videos promising an end to obesity, wearing T shirts stained in multi-colored corn-syrup flavors and semi-obscured by the furtive flutter of soccer, kung-fu, and Camp Tillamuck appointment notices flapping in their nanny’s hands. The worst part of this is the destruction of the boys, who, in an effort to avoid yet another classroom punishment for their impulses to move, run, jump and climb, stand open-eyed and expressionless staring at their new guards hoping they didn’t offend anyone as they tripped over the cord to their electric ATVs. And their parents, single parents, life partners, nannies, and other indigent lifestlye-consumers stand there, whimpering and speechless as the iron gates close and the Ponzi Court nails the sentence to the doors of the prison. I only hope those boys can find a few copies of The Lord of the Flies, because they’re going to read it as a personal biography, or an instruction manual, or both. – Curt Doolittle, August 2007


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