Out of envy, under the false flag of equality, the proletariat west spends it’s ancient aristocratic inheritance.

No man is a hero to his debtors.


2 responses to “Envy”

  1. Henry says:

    Could you elaborate? Sounds like bullshit. Doing away with the aristocracies was pretty much a prerequisite for the immense boost in wealth and welfare we are enjoying today.

    • Curt Doolittle says:

      OK, henry. I appreciate the sentiments in colloquial speech, even if it isn’t exactly a cogent argument. But, aristocracy is the REASON the west, as a weak, poor, minority, has successfully risen. If you think that these ‘immense boosts’ have come from getting rid of aristocracy, then you have to prove that. (You’re actually just believing mythical nonsense.)

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