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The Left Right Divide Is Meaningful Because Our Institutions Reinforce it

From Karl Smith by way of Noah Smith While you don’t want to get trapped into people thinking that cyclical concerns are liberal concerns ... I don’t think it actually helps to offer middle ground. The problem is that too much of the debate is m

What Are The Real Motivations Of Conservatives, Libertarians And Liberals?

What do conservatives, liberals, and libertarians believe is the hidden agenda of the other two political philosophies? From Quora. Conservatives Conservatives believe in a meritocratic hierarchical society where a) there are as few 'cheaters' living

Cain And Able On An Island: Justifying Redistribution?

Interesting posts on Modeled Behavior in response to this post by Bryan Caplan on Econlog Suppose there are ten people on a desert island. One, named Able Abel, is extremely able. With a hard day's work, Able can produce enough to feed all ten pe