American Conservatism is What Remains of Aristocracy


Understanding Conservatism

Conservatism Is Aristocratic Egalitarian Manorialism.(UNDONE)

One must be conservative about something. That ‘something’ is Aristocratice Egalitarianism.

Understanding Libertarianism

Libertarianism is Commercial Aristocratic Manorialism.(UNDONE)

Classical Liberals, or classical liberal libertarians, retain prior values, but in favor of commerce instead of land.


Application of Propertarianism To Conservatism:

Defining Conservatism (UNDONE)

A definition of conservatism using propertarian and class theory.

Understanding the much abused words ‘Freedom’ and ‘Liberty’ (UNDONE)

A History And Analysis Of Freedom


A History Of, and Analysis of Anglo Aristocratic Classical Liberal Conservatism (UNDONE)

A detailed history of conservatism using updated propertarian and class theory.


The Conservative Manifesto (UNDONE)

A Manifesto for Anglo Conservatives.