The Disciplines

Arithmetic: Pure number/ scale,time,space independence
Music:  The “Experience” of Numbers 
 Corresponding Units (commensurability)
Algebra:  Operations and States (symbolic manipulations)
Geometry:  stationary space
Physics/Astronomy: movement in space and time 
Calculus :   Relative change
Statistics:  Similarities in different Distributions
Economics:  Similarities of distributions in Equilibrium

Physics of the observable.

Vocabulary: Symbols
Grammar: Operations
Logic: Internal Consistency
Rhetoric: Persuasion(Transfer)
Testimony: (due diligence)
Prosecution: (criticism)
Jurying (Judging): (decidability)

Expressive: (pre-rational)
Sentimental (intuitionistic)
Moral (Normative) 
Reasonable (sympathetically testable)
Historical (analogical)
Empirical  (correlative)
Ratio-Empirical (critical)
Testimonial (truthful)

Accounting, profit and loss
Banking, Credit, Interest
Stock-Money, Instruments 
Exchanges and Flows

Acquisition (property)
Cooperation (exchange)
Manners (signaling)
Ethics (direct asymmetry of information)
Morals (external asymmetry of information)
Liberty (political asymmetry of power)
Aristocracy (enfranchisement in insurance of liberty)

Normative (cultural)
Cooperative (political)
Competitive (war)







Prosecution(Judging) is the Objective of the Curriculum.

Thanks for an interesting question by Megan Cyloneight today, I was able to understand that I had to add ‘prosecution’ to the curriculum, in order to change the student of western civilization from a christian servant to an aristocratic judge.

0) The matters of europa (ancient literature): Fairy Tales, Myths, Histories.
1) Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Testimony, Prosecution.
2) Propertarian psychology, economics, sociology, politics, evolutionary strategy, war.

It is no use reserving prosecution and war for the adults. Enfranchise them all.


—“Curt, would you recommend Ron Paul’s Mises-based homeschool curriculum as the best option out there for parents?”— Megan Cyloneight

“Best” I don’t know. Ron Paul’s curriculum is pacifist. It produces good middle class universalist judeo-christians. Good subjects. People who can easily be conquered.

To create aristocracy I would add to it:
1) Grammar, Logic, Testimony, and Prosecution (including the methods of lying)
2) Propertarian psychology, sociology, group competitive strategy.
3) The methods of legal order: american, british, german, russian, chinese – under which the people create commons while holding a government at bay.
4) The conduct of war by means of immigration, religion/conversion, political means, and economic means, and defense against each.
5) Fitness, Sports, Fighting, tactics, strategy, command and control.

Ron Paul makes well informed, docile, employees.
Curt Doolittle makes well informed unconquerable sheriffs.



—Fantasizing about desirable end points demonstrates one’s ignorance. Knowledge consists of knowing existentially possible operations, and how to arrange those operations to produce the desired outcome.—

—IQ Maters, but so do impulsive, frustrated, solipsistic, narcissistic, and schizotypal personalities. Reality angers, denial comforts them.—

—It’s frustrated. solipsistic, narcissistic, or schizotypal people who desperately fight to deny reality. Stupid people simply don’t care.—

—“When I use the term Monarchy, I use it in the narrow sense as a property holder of territory and formal institutions, where the monarch provides the ultimate veto power over contracts for commons, and the judiciary ultimate veto power over natural law.”—
—“State Corporatism is a conspiracy. Rule of Law, Monarchy, Market Commons, are just social science. -We had it right. Democracy was a failure”—

—“Make the world safe FROM democracy: Natural Law. Monarchy.”—

—“If you cannot describe what you mean in operational terms then you do not know of what you speak. Period. End of story.”–

—”The Principle Agent Problem: The principal–agent problem occurs when one person or entity (the “agent”) is able to make decisions on behalf of, or that impact, another person or entity: the “principal”. The dilemma exists because sometimes the agent is motivated to act in his own best interests rather than those of the principal. So wait. We have a military but no militia. We have a Representatives not direct democracy. We have Fiat Money but not Direct Distribution of liquidity to Shareholders. SO KNOWING THIS, WHY DO WE NOT HAVE UNIVERSAL MILITIA AND DIRECT ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, WITH LIQUIDITY DIRECTLY DISTRIBUTED TO CONSUMERS?”—

—“Had the european civil war not occurred and the colonial process been completed I think the world might have been a better place.‪#‎NewRight‬“—

—“Mercenaries and Representatives are poor substitutes for your fighting and decision making. Fight and rule or submit and be ruled. ‪#‎NewRight‬“—

—“America, like any bloated corporation, must be broken up in order to unleash shareholder value.”—

—“I don’t have mercy on any of the enlightenment ideologies, or any of the cultures. we were all wrong. My job is to solve it. Our job is to fix it.”–

–“The Middle Class Writes. It’s The Lower Class that Fights. Only Fighters change orders. They fight to gain benefits via their elites.”–

—Liberty creates a proscriptive not prescriptive order. This creates opportunity for the inquiring, and fear for the requiring mind.‪#‎NewRight‬—-

—THE NASH OPTIMUM VS THE PARETO OPTIMUM – Nash: The best EXCHANGE possible, vs Pareto: the most THEFT Possible. Economics in a nutshell. Austrians use Nash, Mainstream uses Pareto.—

—“The longer I work on the necessity of a judicial priesthood, the longer I study the Templars(bankers), the Inquisition(judges), the closer I come to the model I‘m looking for. The problem is always paying for the initial stages. The first phase must produce sufficient confiscation that the men can be fed and armed. Yet wholesale predation on the islamic model (ISIS) is counter-productive.“—

—Hold Territory Against Attrition vs Impose Attrition from Within Territory.  A soldier must carry a lot of resources, and because of this his fitness demands are higher. He is not at home. He has less information to work with. He cannot easily hide. What he can do is concentrate forces and rely upon information networks. Revolutionary Warriors must only concentrate forces for very short periods, and then disperse again into ‘society’. Every moment they hold territory costs them. Every moment we force them to hold territory it cost them.—




Truth, science, philosophy, law, aesthetics are identical



Identity (Categorically consistent)
Internally (Logically) consistent
Externally Correspondent (Empirically Consistent)
Existentially Possible
Parsimonious (fully accounted, parsimonious, limits)
Moral (productive, fully informed, warrantied voluntary transfers)
Beautiful (craft, aesthetic, moral, resources)

That would mean that truth, science, philosophy, law, aesthetics were identical.

Truth, Manners, Ethics, Morals, Liberty, Aristocracy, Beauty

I shall not lie, cheat, steal, cause others to bear unwanted cost, or the commons to suffer loss, nor shall I tolerate those who do, nor leave them unpunished by censure, restitution, imprisonment, banishment, or death.

Ethics: Manners, Ethics, Morals, Liberty. Didn’t know that liberty is just an extension of interpersonal limits to political limits did you?

German success is reducible to the oath under nationalism. Anglo failure to the abandonment of the oath for market universalism: greed.

Natural Law, Monarchy, Regional Nobility, Market Commons, Family, Nationalism.



Jay Dyer: Responding to the Schizotypal Fringe


I always respond to attacks when I find out about them. I just wish some of them were worth responding to. (the nietzcheans have provided the only meaningful criticism to date).


1) It is irrelevant how many people listen, it’s only relevant who listens. There is a large audience for astrology.
2) There is a vast difference between the set (pedagogical, useful, meaningful) on the one hand, and the set (true, necessary, decidable) on the other. The first consists of literature and informs on a strategy, the second consists of law and decides conflicts regardless of strategy.
3) Ideologies and World-views (Excuses for evolutionary strategies). We seek justification for our strategies. that is all.
4) The french revolution provides an exception not a rule: it was the most backward government in Europe. The British had revolutions frequently, because the never had as much asymmetry as the french. The Russian and British and Chinese are far better examples since they are frequent and less reductio out of extremity.
5) the american experiment comes closest to creating formal, strictly constructed law as a social science of cooperation: natural law as a peer to physical law.
6) Democracy in the ancient and in the modern world was an excuse by which to transfer power from the landed aristocracy to the commercial aristocracy using the families of the soldiery necessary to hold territory. Bribe with political power rather than enfranchisement into property rights.
7) (35:00 So far nothing jay says is causal its all justificationary – life is much more rich, more to experience, more to philosophy. this is despite the fact that he does not say why these things have any import other than taking a carnival ride is more interesting than studying the structure of the ride. I am sitting through literary excuse making, straw man arguments, and self congratulatory use of critique. It’s painful. This is an example ‘mumbo-jumbo’ if there is any. Critique is NOT science (truth). )
8) I (curt doolittle) am a social scientists who attempts to construct law. I use the language of philosophy at the indirect advice of Hoppe. if i seek to unite truth, philosophy, science, and law, then I use the ancient disciplinary tree.
9) That you don’t think I”m that good isn’t a measure of anything. That you think its bad and laughable is (humorous). OMG it’s embarrassing to listen to this name calling and marxist critique rather than refuting ideas (that you are not intellectually capable or informed sufficiently to understand)
10) Decidability is the end of the road for law. Just as it is for science. You would need to refute that statement.
11) Stephan is a public intellectual, engaged in the use of reason. whether he is a philosopher or not, is a question. He has tried and failed to produce a theory. (Just as you seem to be trying to produce some theory, although all I see is marxist critique: criticizing what you don’t agree with but providing no theory that is equally open to criticism. This is a common method of deceit. It is how marxism attack the west: through pseudo-scientific critique.
12) The rule of law is what we are investigating in libertarianism. Is law enough? can we make law into a sufficient social science so that all ethical and political statements are decidable ‘moral’ (non-parasitic).
13) Aristotle uses reason, which is different from rationalism, which is different from logic, is different from science. (OMG this podcast is embarrassing to listen to.)
14) Use the word ‘True’ without understanding what it might, can, and must mean. Critique, critique, critique, critique… all I hear. No argument yet. nothing. completely vacuous empty verbalisms.
15) Reason is the process by which we launder imaginary relations, error, bias, wishful thinking, deception, overloading, from our free associations, where those free associations are provided by our intuition, and where that intuition is biased heavily by our genetics, gender, and experiences.
16) omg… reason, energy, senses. omfg. this is …. embarrassing. I really have to spend time on this empty verbalism? On this Marxist Critique? This guy uses a bunch of postmodern nonsense words.
17) We can say that experiential relations are a preference, not a truth. But then we have to ask where do the wights we assign to those experiential relations come from? It comes from chemical rewards provided by our evolutionary history and encoded in our genes.
18) TRUTH: if you cannot construct an operational description of your terms and fully account for the information present in your statements then you are not able to make a truth claim. This is simply true. Period.
19) The scientific method is a set of steps by which we eliminate error, bias, wishful thinking, deceit from your utterances. Science is the method of by which we produce testimony.
20) Empiricism means that all knowledge that survives criticism by reason originates in senses. (Observation). We say that MEASUREMENT is a method of insuring that our senses contain the least error, bias, wishful thinking, and deceit.
21) We (scientists) dont make knowledge claims (only justifications do that and they all error). We give testimony. Meaning that we testify that we have eliminated error, bias, wishful thinking, and deceit from our statements to the best of our ability.
22) The purpose of experientially loaded literature is to EDUCATE, INFORM, AND ASSIST IN HYPOTHESIS. The purpose of science is to remove experiential loading, framing, obscuring, imaginary content, error, bias, and deceit from those hypotheses.
23) The error is in that one or the other survives exclusively (I don’t make this error). It is that pedagogy and experience are individual matters, and decidability and truth are interpersonal matters. In other words you are welcome to your experiences as long as we are not in conflict. If we are in conflict then only truth renders conflicts decidable.
24) Why must conflict be decidable? Because cooperation is disproportionately rewarding and we cannot cooperate if our contractual relations are not decidable by objective (true) means.

This is the answer you are failing to grasp: the dual need for both individual experience VS interpersonal decidability.

1) You are an excuse-maker. What I have seen in this discourse is nothing other than a) a failure to articulate a theory, b) the constant demonstration of seeking confirmation bias in analogies and c) the use of critique to criticize the opposition, and d) the use of ridicule.

You have a lot of viewers because there are a lot of idiots who need similar justification for their incomprehension. (Dunning-Kruger at Work). It is a desperate attempt to find will-to-power by finding a way to excuse one’s inability to grasp abstract relations independent of intuitionistic weightings. This ability is what separates less intelligent from more intelligent people.

2) Molyneux is a communicator. He has a lot of viewers because even if imperfect, he is an educator. He educates. And honestly he is great at it.

3) I am a scientist. I don’t care about the number of viewers, I just care about whether I advance the discipline of truth telling. So far I have made more progress than anyone other than Popper and Hume. The purpose of public discourse is to attempt to falsify my theories: to see if they survive criticism.

This is a waste of my time. I made it through 1:12:00 before I tired of the mental equivalent of conspiracy theory. There is a very clear relationship between mental illness (schizotypal thinking) and this desperate need to feel confidence in one’s thinking despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

So Jay earns the Curt Doolittle Stamp of Schizotypal Personality by attempting to use selection bias and loose analogy absent causal relations in order to justify his in ability to alter his framing to that of the universal language of truth: science. Why? Because confronting that reality would force him to recognize his lower status and abandon the self deception of mental superiority. This is again, evidence of Schizotypal personality traits. Judgement rendered. It is how it is.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

h/t: Megan Cyloneight

(I am trying to find out if he actually has any idea what he’s talking about.)


Q&A: Curt, Why Is There White Trash?


—Curt: Can you explain the whole white trash phenomenon? How can a country so wealthy and full of opportunities have white trash? I anticipate that your answer is likely to be “it’s all IQ” or something along these lines, but aren’t there opportunities for dumb people as well?—-

“All happy families are the same. All unhappy families are different”
“All domesticate-able animals are the same. All un-domesticate-able animals are different”
“All ‘good’ people are the same, all ‘bad’ people are different”

IQ is correlative, but insufficient explanation for cause. But personality is sufficient.

If we take all these variables:

Visualization challenged vs Visualization/spatial intelligence
Communication challenged vs Verbal intelligence
autistic vs solipsistic
introversion vs extroversion

constancy vs novelty
disciplined vs undisciplined
secure/calm vs nervous/sensitive

compassionate/cooperative vs suspicious/antagonistic
Impulsivity vs non-impulsivity
submissive vs aggressive

With just these variables, we humans have the ability to construct cooperative, disciplined and satisfied minds, or aggressive, undisciplined and unsatisfied minds.

The reason people in the bottom classes are generally difficult to employ MIGHT be intelligence, but all research I have read of late (when we see pseudoscience slowly receding in social science) is pretty consistent in stating that the unemployable people are just ‘bad personalities’. Much of the time it is that they constantly get negative feedback for their behaviors, and this effectively drives all of us into frustration.

White trash is a minority in western civilization but in many cultures it’s the majority. Our culture systematically eliminated these people over many centuries. So they are smaller in number, but now rapidly breeding.

It’s not all IQ. It is just that IQ and ‘good’ behaviors very often increase accordingly. Or that IQ allows us to COMPENSATE for our bad behaviors while lack of it forces us to give into those bad behaviors.

I use the information model to study human behavior. And so I focus on the fact that all of these behaviors are constructed by the ability to organize and process information that gives us hormonal (chemical) rewards. Broken people have less ability to gain psychic rewards. Healthy people have more opportunity to gain psychic rewards.

Each of us has a frustration budget.
People at the bottom burn through that budget pretty frequently.
you can have a dumb person with all good traits, and a smart person with all bad traits. It just isn’t that common.


Attack on Profit Seeking using Virtue Signalling by an Ex Prostitute

(choice quotes for your rhetorical armory)

a) Author’s article is nothing but an act of personal promotion for drumming up business by yet another western example of pretentious virtue signaling. It is another kind of whoring. But in the end whoring none the less. The selling of false-virtue lies, rather than false-sex lies.

b) People sell all forms of entertainment that are contrary to life’s evidence.
People pay for all forms of entertainment that is contrary to life’s evidence. Sex is just one more of them. alcohol, drugs, movies, literature, media narratives, and pretentious virtue signaling are but a few examples of them.

c) People buy, sell, and tell themselves and each other pleasant lies to make their tedious boring unexceptional lives tolerable. And we are happy to buy and sell this bits of nonsense.

e) Voluntarily exchanged payments for such entertainment are much better than the alternative: sexy obtained by violence, entertainment by subjugation, and sustenance by enslavement and parasitism. Alcohol, storytelling and prostitution in all the various forms of paying women for sex one way or another are as old as human existence.

f) The waitress who smiles at your imbecilic wit, the shopkeeper who treats you with undeserved respect, the marketer who promises you feelings beyond your natural means, the politician who panders to your failure to mature into a productive adult. None of these differ from the prostitute who tells you that you’re attractive and she’s pleased by your company.

Liars all. Virtue Signaling included: our most fashionable current form of lying. These various fictions are a creature comfort we use to make the daily evidence of our personal irrelevance tolerable. Do not begrudge people fictions purchased in trade. They are far better than truths obtained by violence and conquest – which was the norm throughout our history.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


The Next Grand Narrative of Man May Be The Long Sought Social Science

The Next Grand Narrative?

1) The evolution of all disciplines has been away from myth to reason to calculation: a set of operations. (Webber). 

2) I think that the output narrative produced by this age will look far more like social science than philosophy.

3) I think that just as previous revolutions in the the sciences have produced useful but less fulfilling visions of the universe, that this revolution in human understanding will be the long sought after social science, and that it will be equally useful but unsatisfying.

4) I think the only reason postmodernism succeeded – like pseudosciences that birthed it: Boaz(anthropology), Freud(psychology), Marx(economics and sociology), Cantor(mathematics), Keynes (mathematical economics), and the Frankfurt School (Use of Falsehood and Strawman) – was that the thinkers of the early 20th century failed to solve the problem of calculations (Operations) in social science: Brouwer (math), Bridgman(Physics), Mises (economics), Hayek(Law), Popper (philosophy). In each field, someone understood at least vaguely that the solution was in a single direction, but they could not produce a science – social science – from it.

5) I think there are two reasons that they failed: a) the competition from pseudosciences was preferred by all, particularly, the academy that sought to replace the moral authority of the churches. b) the authors themselves were not able to make the same disassociation from the framing of moral intuition that was Einstein in in s framing of gravity. In fact, there is a moral sensibility to every thinker’s arguments. So the cause of their arguments (a sense of immorality to the pseudosciences) was too influenced by moral intuitions of their own cultures.

6) I am fairly sure I know the basic structure of this science, and I am fairly sure that it is useful, true, and as usual: unsatisfying.


We Must Rule

To decide requires decidability. We decide because we know how to.
To rule is to decide. We rule, because we know how to rule.

To lead and to rule are very different things.
Many can lead because the problems and opportunities vary.
Few can rule because decidability is does not vary.
Some Lead by preference, we Rule by truth.
We must rule.
Because we can.


Sticky: No Racism Please. Aristocracy, Liberty, Prosperity are Universals

Please don’t bring that stuff here. I work against fraud and deception in all matters political. And yes, truths are truths, but criticisms are not solutions, they’re excuses for not looking in the mirror at the person responsible for the current state of things. Act. Solve Problems. Don’t complain.