The Martial Origins of Western Egalitarianism

I intuitively feel the principle of noblesse oblige: every position on the team, in the field, in the economy, in the army is dependent upon every other. But this not an air. It is continuation of tradition of martial rank.

Rank is necessary for coordination and skill, so that together we may resist or defeat those with less coordination and skill – but otherwise we are all brothers in arms.

This is the origin of western egalitarianism: voluntary organization of the militia as our means of defense. Of part time soldiers, and professional warriors. And we preserved this order in daily life. We preserved our ranks in daily life. We preserved our brotherhood in daily life. This is the meaning of ‘the west’.

The king and pawn fulfill different needs but the pawn cannot organize without the king, and the king cannot concentrate force without the pawn.

The martial is instinctual in many of us. It has been with us for millennia. It is in our genes. The urban is in many of them, and the steppe and desert in others. The woman carries with her impulsive pragmatism necessary of mothers, and her history as breeding herd for male bands.

Only we built the west out of truth, testimony, rank, and merit. Only we can save the west with truth, testimony, rank and merit.

Out of hierarchy we built equality.


A Prayer of Deliverance

Some of us love nobility. It is the most natural order for man. Which is why nearly all of our history is composed of it.

“I pray the god, deliver us unto nobility, and save us from lesser people.”


Monopoly Government vs Market Militia


The monopoly of government versus the market and militia.

When there is government the responsibility is ‘theirs’.
When there is militia the responsibility is ‘ours’.
Where there is rule of law, there is scientific rule.
Where there is a market for commons, there is a civic society.
Where there is a market for goods and services there is productivity
Where there is a market for reproduction there is eugenic reproduction.
The people who create change in favor of excellence.

Miltia: Market Warfare
Judiciary: Market Jurisprudence
Houses: Market Government
Property: Market Productivity
Monogamy: Market Reproduction
Market = Meritocracy = Aristocracy

And that is the difference between the river valley civilizations (them) and the sea civilizations (us).


Behold Pandora: Destroyer of Civilization

Women have used the voting booth to pull forward consumption in favor of unbounded reproduction. Men used civilization to prolong consumption in favor of capital accumulation. We men developed the many prohibitions and regulation of male impulses, biases and intuitions for no less than ten thousand years, and yet we handed women equal political power without equal prohibitions and regulations on female impulses, biases, and intuitions. Women undid in just over one century thousands of years of civilization.

Unlike ‘conservatives’ I do not seek to withdraw women’s participation, but to limit the damage done by female impulses, biases and intuitions just as we limited the damage that can be done by male impulses, biases and intuitions.

Unfortunately for the Feminist movement, it has become clear that it was the impulses of in-group women that we controlled throughout the process of civilization, and the impulses of out-group men we controlled through the process of civilization.

So the evolution of property accomplished both the regulation of women’s impulsive reproduction at the expense of capital accumulation. Or put more simply: it was as equally important to regulate women as it was men. But our institutions and laws regulated men, while our norms regulated women. Given access to the ballot box, and thereby to political power, women destroyed civilization in pursuit of their impulses.

Houses for competing group evolutionary strategies.
Houses like the senate and jury, hear appeals.
Contracts for commons must pass dissent by involuntary transfer, not assent.

It is hard for us to grasp that there is not much that is a knowable good goal, only knowable good process for achieving goals.

    That there are knowable bad goals and knowable bad processes, and knowable bad actions.
    That which is bad can be known: they are truths.
    That which is good is that which is not bad.
    That which is better is a matter of preference not truth.
    We can enfranchise anyone under the prevention of the bad.

And we can return Pandora to the box.


Reducing Our Biological Differences To Rule Of Law

I think the tide has changed and that science of HBD has won out over “The Great Boazian Lie”.

Most variation in human behavior is hormonal, normative, and institutional. With the most influential difference in behavior (if not appearance) caused by norms and institutions. In other words, we ‘grow’ differently despite very similar genetic composition.

1) the majority of differences between the great tribes (races) is in the rates of reproduction of the lower classes. Or conversely, the rates of suppression of the reproduction of the underclasses and the concentration of reproduction in the middle and upper classes.

2) that sexual maturity regulates aggression and impulse and time preference.(humans are no different from foxes or any other creature). Hence the increasing aggression (and penis size) from east asian, northern whites(Ukrainian), southern(Iranian) whites, arabs, and africans.

3) cranial size effects intelligence disproportionately since intelligence is largely a function of memory.

4) there appears to be a difference in the evolution of different brain agents (language in particular) and in cooperation (frontal lobe) that is expressed in the races, and verbal self expression both limits frustration and increases cooperation.

5) raw athletic ability decreases with decreases in sexual maturity.

In other words, this hormonal theory of sexual maturity is a sufficient explanation for the variation in COMPETITIVENESS our gene pools, and the strategies that we adopt as norms and traditions given our competitiveness (or lack of it). And furthermore, any other theory would need be more parsimonious. And my position at present is that further improvement in our genetic understanding of man’s differences will augment rather than contradict or falsify this theory.

Or put another way, the end of evolution is that we reach minimum sexual maturity for reproduction but never switch off the youth and on the maturity signals.

Why am I only concerned about this level of precision rather than enumerating what appear to be significant differences between races (including the Ukrainian white and Indo-Iranian White)? Because I don’t need to suggest universalism under paternal aristocracy. Meaning I’m not advocating universalism. I’m not advocating diversity or equality. I’m merely pointing out that each tribe and sub-tribe will evolve into a high trust society that is not a threat to its neighbors if it practices eugenic reproduction and rule of law.

Not an aristocracy of everyone, but everyone living in aristocracies.

The problem for any society to solve is largely one of reducing the relative size of the individuals below what we consider 106IQ today, and a target for any polity should be a distribution no less that 115, and preferably 125 if we wish to see ‘Star Trek’ – whereas the current downward trend is producing a devolution to a future of ‘Favelas’.

It is possible that we have passed peak human, since it is very difficult to cleans defective genes from a polity, and intelligence is comprised of a complex set of genetic biases.

China surpasses india both because of superior suppression of the underclasses, and superior ability of the red army to force literacy.

The west succeeded because of (a) Aristocratic egalitarianism (b) martial truth (d) dramatic culling of the lower classes both by starvation, access to land, and aggressive hanging.

You do not so much improve your population as limit the harm done to it by the lower classes.

This is a consistent theme that I’ve discovered in most of my work: we do not know the truth but we know falsehood. WE do not know goods but we know bads. We cannot breed better men, we can only stop bad men from breeding more.

The EUGENICS program was perhaps the most important objective of western man, and the failure of it due to women and pseudosciences was the second catastrophe.

1) The Enlightenment fallacy of oppressed man vs eugenic civilization.

2) The Enlightenment undermining of monarchy, aristocracy, instead of addition of new houses for newly participatory classes.

3) The enfranchisement of women and women’s advocacy of enfranchising slaves as a means of gaining their own enfranchisement.

4) The Jewish Cosmopolitan Pseudoscientific movement as an attempt to create a second Religion for women and slaves (underclasses): Boaz(sociology), Marx(economics), Freud (psychology), Frankfurt School (politics).

5) The Anglo attack on german civilization in the first war. The anglo attack on german civilization in the second war, and failure of Germany to restore european civilization to aristocratic, aesthetic, and egalitarian origins.

6) The adoption of the Pseudoscientific Religion by the Academy, State, Media complex and its appeal to women in academy: as revenue, state voting as power, and consumer consumption of goods as revenue. (a degree in other than STEM fields appears to be nothing more than a modern sale of Indulgences to build universities instead of churches.)

7) The 1965/66 Immigration law by which the Women, Blacks, Jews, the Pseudoscientific Religion of the Academy, State, Media complex sought to achieve through depopulation (destruction of the family) and immigration (invasion) what they could not achieve by propaganda.

8) The failure of the masculine, familial, conservative, libertarian, and scientific thought leadership to produce a body of thought to counter the second use of women as a means of distributing the Pseudoscientific Revolution’s attempt at the Second Great Lie (pseudoscience) second only to the First Great Lie (monotheism). (Which Propertarianism and Testimonialism, Genetic and Cognitive science, plus a century of recorded damage to civilization help to overturn.)

9) the great wealth to be made from the conquest and sale of the North American (US/Canadian), and Australian continents, has been interpreted as a property of American Democracy rather than american democracy is a temporary luxury made possible by the rather ridiculous wealth from the 300 year long sale of the Continent to immigrants. And while we were limited to immigration of middle class gene pools without access to land from above the Hanjal line, we now are engaged in a pollution of all forms of capital. (the same applies to Russia by the way.)

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


Ending Financial Sector Predation

(still working on this but it’s getting there)

We can stop it. The problem is, that the way we stop it is non-trivial:

(a) require all issues released at market price with no favoritism (equal starting gate provision).
(b) prevent insurance (hedges), require proportional holding of debt, force proportional losses (‘skin in the game’)
(c) eliminate protection from liability for all individuals involved in any transaction, and reward (commission) for reporting offenders – (make it profitable to report your boss or peers.)
(d) professionalize banking just like law and certified public accounting increasing the quality of people in the industry.
(e) require total transparency of all OPM investor transactions. (what I recommend).
(f) move all companies to block chain ledgers.
(g) tax arbitrage and volatility entirely, while eliminating taxation on dividends, and appreciation. (eliminate trading and force investing)
(h) Buy (federally) ‘bottom-feeder’ Mastercard, and redistribute liquidity directly to citizens rather than through the financial sector and interest rates – in exchange for elimination of sales tax and minimum wage. (what I recommend). These cards cannot be attached or indebted for any purpose whatsoever, private or public. The money is split between disposable and retirement security. The retirement funds are investable.
(i) Stocks provide no voting or ownership provisions (positive), only legal defense(negative). One may contract for ownership provisions as condition of investment, but one cannot simply buy up control of companies without consent.
(j) Eliminate boards of directors – I have not seen any empirical evidence that a board has any value whatsoever that could not be provided by an advisory board that assists in the development of relationships and expertise. But boards appear to have a negative influence on business. Transparency and rule of law are the only material defense. We no longer need political representatives in this age, and we no longer need the private sector equivalent. My experience is that boards that do not consist of material owners are universally damaging to a business. (The Buffett Principle: substantive owners with deep knowledge of the business, only). Both boards of directors and stock voting are hangovers from the paper and pencil era.
(k) Elimination of all non-safety employment regulation – voluntary association, merit based. This social engineering is harmful to social cooperation, and a constant source of cost and conflict that encourages the internal equivalent of a black market in information.
(l) Eliminate taxation on unrealized profits (this nonsense we go through for options for employees). We go through tons of falsehoods to circumvent the fact that while large transfers may occur almost no profits do. So eliminate the burden of preventing false taxation by simply requiring tax only on realized profits.
(j) Move all accounting, banking, and credit, nationally if not world-wide to thirteen four week periods, and off the lunar cycle invented in the age of sail.

1) rule of law, individual accountability, civic morality, truth content,
2) encourage more Andresson Horowitz investment organization (innovation producing risk taking) and less Goldman Sachs (systemic parasitism).

1) I want to preserve the lottery effect that the stock market provides to entrepreneur, business, and industry, but to limit the finance sector’s ability to disproportionately privatize issues – which is how it’s done today. With little or no value to the economy, business, and citizenry.

1) Eliminates the ability of the financial sector to direct the economy, only profit from funding the fulfillment consumer demand, thereby forcing the consumer and the investor to have the same interests.
2) Eliminates financial predation on business and industry. (which if you have been involved in it – and I have – is unimaginable )
3) Eliminates costly burdens on organizations that must preserve multiple fallacies:
a) that tax, credit, and operational accounting differ because credit cycles demand stability that does not exist, taxes demand returns that do not exist.
b) social engineering compliance is costly and we merely work hard to circumvent it.
c) fallacy that the financial sector works in our interest.
d) if we distribute liquidity directly outside of the financial system then minimum wage is unnecessary, and the incentive to limit immigration will exist.

( more… but I’m out of time for this today. )

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


Women Unleashed The Ghouls of Society

Another Pandora’s Box

—“Here’s the dirty secret of women working — they can do what they want but here ya go — when they started entering the work force in mass, the ghouls of society took over raising the kids and installing Mental Malware into their mush brains. Stress was raised in the house, since both partners were dead ass tired at the end of the day, oh and with all that extra income, they first just spent more of it, then the government figured out they could just tax the surplus — and now we went from it being a choice for women to work to being a requirement — and collectively have the same purchasing power they did before when only the husband worked.”— James Santagata


The Irony of American, German, and Russian Differences

The Irony: The Americans tell the truth and are wrong and utopian. The Germans say nothing and are pragmatic but uncorrupted. The Russians lie and are right but corrupt.

It’s one of those absurdities. I mean, why is it that some group can’t be both Truthful, Right, and Uncorrupt?

Once you understand it, you just want to jump off a bridge with frustration.

The irony is painful.



The Fallacy Of Conventional Gender Wisdom

(by Eli Harman)

The conventional wisdom is that women are selfless and generous and that men are selfish and acquisitive.

But this conclusion is exactly backwards, because it is formed without looking at opportunity costs.

Women’s socialism is in fact profoundly selfish and self-interested, given their risk-aversion and security seeking. Liberty and independence are risky and therefore costly and women are – by and large – not willing to take those risks or bear those costs, even to achieve the greater success it holds out as a possibility. Men are more willing to risk personal failure and destitution in order to obtain wealth and success, or to endure them stoically in order to create a prosperous society for all.

Another common misconception is that men are practical and women sentimental.

But this one, too, misses the mark.

A common trope one finds in history and fiction is men going off to war and women pleading with them not to.

This is held out as an example of women’s noble sentiments vs. men’s ruthless pragmatism.

But the explanation is actually very nearly reversed. War, even at its most necessary and helpful, represents (with certainty) taking personal risks and bearing personal costs, in order to obtain a shared (but uncertain) benefit (victory, security, etc…) Women, as the ultimate egoistic pragmatists, are simply less likely to see this as a worthwhile bargain, even a degree removed from the most severe costs and risks. It is men’s idealism and altruism which leads them to strike it.

Women *appear* more generous because they selfishly appeal to men’s generosity.

They *appear* more sentimental because they make pragmatic appeals to men’s sentimentality.

But the reality is otherwise.


La única forma de eliminar el estado y construir libertad

Original Article by Curt Doolittle:

Translation by Alberto R. Zambrano U.

La única forma de eliminar al estado, es eliminar la existencia de demanda para que éste exista. Para eliminar al estado, debemos primero construir instituciones que provean los servicios estatales sin el aprovechamiento injusto endémico e inherente a la función estatal.

El estado provee sólo estos servicios:

  1. La asignación o reparto de la propiedad y de los derechos de propiedad y sus medios de transferencia.
  2. Medios para resolver todas las diferencias que lleven a conflictos.
  3. Medios para construir y proteger bienes comunes del aprovechamiento injusto.
  4. Medios para la exclusión de asignaciones competitivas, medios de resolución y medios de construcción.

Los únicas formas de proveer estos servicios sin la existencia del estado, es construir instituciones que no requieran de la figura estatal.

  1. La ley del no parasitismo positivamente expresada como “propiedad en todo”, el derecho consuetudinario orgánico, un sistema judicial profesional independiente, EN VEZ de una burocracia profesional independiente- por ejemplo: la cuarta ola.
  2. Un mercado de bienes que consista en casas de bienes e intereses en las cuales los contratos que no sean monopolios son negociados para la creación de bienes.
  3. Una milicia universal (o cuasi universal), cuidadores, de emergencia y rescate, para poder participar en el mercado de bienes- la participación debe ser ganada, incluso para proteger a la milicia de los males del parasitismo.

Un estado burocrático entonces, es evidencia del fracaso de construir instituciones necesarias para la provisión de servicios que permitan a grupos competir contra otros.-

Fukuyama no ha identificado la alternativa a la socialdemocracia ni ha identificado la naturaleza transitoria del monopolio institucional como entidades necesarias para la construcciones de bienes previos al desarrollo de un mercado competitivo para la provisión de esos bienes. El fracasó en dar con la diferencia entre investigación y desarrollo de costosas instituciones de bienes., y la conversión de esas instituciones monopolistas en instituciones no-monopolistas que excluyen a las otras instituciones con las que tengan conflictos, toda vez que dichas instituciones compitan en la provisión efectiva de servicios.

El fin la historia es bastante distinto a lo que Fukuyama imaginó y lo que la academia (como una forma de iglesia con fines de lucro) evoca y desea. Hay una alternativa a los gobiernos monopolistas, si no una alternativa al monopolio de los derechos de propiedad articulada como “propiedad en todo”. Fukuyama es un producto de la academia y la historia a pesar de sus intereses intelectuales honestos- porque Fukuyama no es un producto de la economía y la ley: economía política, él es perdonable así como lo son también los estudiantes de la historia, de mirar hacia atrás, contemplando otros patrones distintos sin el entendimiento de las propiedades causales de la cooperación humana y la necesidad de cada vez mayores y más complejos métodos de cálculo.

Como defensores de la libertad, es nuestra función, nuestra misión el proveer soluciones superiores al problema de la cooperación a una escala que podamos llamar “gubernamental”, por la invención, defensa, demanda, y rebelión en búsqueda de instituciones formales que prohiban la tiranía y preserven nuestra tasa occidental de innovación, al prohibir todo parasitismo (aprovechamiento injusto) en cualquier momento.

  1. El el requerimiento universal de la productividad es el anverso de la prohibición de parasitismo.
  2. La institucionalización de esa regla como derechos de propiedad que abarquen la “propiedad en todo”.
  3. El derecho consuetudinario orgánico, un sistema judicial profesional independiente, jurado, decir la verdad, restitución, castigo y exclusión (encarcelamiento).
  4. La familia nuclear (y quizá no la nuclear absoluta) es el primer bien en el cual la competencia de género se resuelva fuera de la producción de otros bienes.
  5. Un monarca hereditario (jefe de estado) con poder de veto, pero sin poder positivo.
  6. Un set de cámaras que representen a las distintas clases, pobladas por selección aleatoria, quienes actúan como jurados, en la selección de contratos propuestos para duración anual, y con prohibiciones específicas de la construcción legal.
  7. La inclusión de bienes informativos en derechos de propiedad y por ende (a) el requerimiento de tener un discurso honesto de derechos propietarios y científicos en la materia de bienes. (b) la necesidad de un lenguaje operativo. (c ) la prohibición de la transferencia del compromiso y (e) la responsabilidad de los jurados (representantes y votantes) por sus acciones de parte de otros.

La única defensa es el requerimiento de producción, el derecho consuetudinario, el jurado, la verdad, la universalidad, la responsabilidad universal, y los mercados competitivos. Esto produce la menor cantidad de oportunidades para aprovechamiento injusto y la privatización de todas la fuerzas en un mercado de producción de bienes y servicios necesarios para poder sobrevivir y reproducirnos.

El aseguramiento contra el error y el fracaso y el límite de tener un niño a aquellos incapaces de reproducirse solventa el problema de la caridad sin el problema de la eugenesia inmoral.


Curt Doolittle

Kiev, Ucrania
Instituto Propietarista

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