Capitalism And The Sword

Capitalism exists for the bourgeoise class only because liberty was constructed by the martial class. Period. Violence creates property. Property creates prosperity. Prosperity makes charity possible.

We either form a wall and do not break, or there is not capitalism, prosperity and charity.


It’s time to water the tree of liberty with a little blood.


The Lack Of Women CEO’s and Women Founders – The Myth of Social Justice

—“Very inspiring and encouraging for me, after reading how rarely angels and venture capitalists fund women founders. There’s hope for me, even if the suits are sexist! Fighting for social justice online: how can we use the Internet to make the world a better place? “— Charlotte A.

Statistics are Statistics. Data is Data. Fact is Fact.

Few women will pay the dear price in time, stress, health, family, friends, risk, and life demanded of high growth businesses. Few women endear the kind of loyalty required of risk taking-talent marginally superior enough to crate a marginally superior product or service. Few women choose to operate in markets that are competitive, technical, novel, with business models that are marginally different. Few women argue entirely empirically and entirely from incentives. Few women can make a man trust them with large amounts of money that he has been entrusted with by others. Women do, but few women do.

So, it is not a matter of justice but of empirical evidence. And arguing otherwise merely disqualifies you from receiving investment. People with money and responsibility that they have been entrusted with by others to make objective decisions cannot betray that trust by preferring to invest in your business idea versus the business idea of someone who does not make those same mistaken assertions.

And I say this only because whomever has given you an education has done you a tragic disservice. We do not invest in religious doctrine. Investment is a science of eliminating error, bias, wishful thinking, and deceit from business hypotheses, leaving only survivable business models as candidates. And betting upon people who demonstrate error, bias, wishful thinking, and deception (including self-deception), is unscientific.

Investors do not bet on any form of mysticism — including the myth of social justice. (A term which both Socrates and Hayek have demonstrated, does itself not survive critical and empirical analysis.) You should be angry at the people who lied to you. Not the people who will not perpetuate the lies that were told to you. In investments, everyone has one color, creed, and gender: money. And investment is more color, creed and gender blind than Lady Justice ever dreamed of being.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


Truth is Expensive, But The Returns Warrant It, and Morality Demands It

It was very expensive to create settlements by prohibiting predation by the development of armies and professional warriors. But we obtained the ability to accumulate capital, and to create a division of labor.

It was very expensive to create property rights by prohibiting parasitism through law and indoctrination. But we obtained the ability to create a market, money, and prices.

It was very expensive to create literacy by creating printing and education. But we dramatically expanded human productivity, and demonstrated intelligence.

It was very expensive to create scientific thought through a century of education. But we dramatically reduced transaction costs, increased human productivity, and increased demonstrated intelligence.

It will be equally expensive to create TRUTHFULNESS – or, perhaps, restore truthfulness to the scientific era. And the gains will will obtain from truthfulness will be equal to if not surpass the gains we obtained from literacy.

A truthful world is as hard for us to imagine as a scientific world was for religio-rationalists to imagine, as it was for the pre-literate to imagine the literate, as it was for the barbaric to imagine the urban.

That something is an expensive commons to produce is not a criticism. It is a question of returns.

Mankind must eventually make this transition. We can do it now, and free ourselves of the threats to our civilization – the civilization that invented truth. Or we can experience a peak beyond which we fail to pass, as did the Greeks and the Romans. As did the Byzantines and Persians. As did the Austrians and Spanish. As did the French and German. And let our civilization pass from this earth – disappearing, and becoming subject to peoples more barbaric than we.

I am willing to die to save my civilization, my race, my people from another dark age, and to instead transform mankind from the merely rational and scientific to the truthful stage of evolution.

This isn’t a cost I expect everyone to agree to bear. But it is a cost I know many of us are willing to bear – and to bear gladly and heroically.

We can purge all forms of lies from this earth.

And in doing so, transform man into gods.

For what is a god but a wielder of truth? And what is a devil, but a wielder of error, bias, wishful thinking, and deceit?

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kyiv, Ukraine


The New Right is Consistent in its Rejection of the Errors of the Enlightenment



Ethics and Morality are Proscriptive.



Q&A:What is Your Take on Von Kueneldt-Leddhin?

(thx skye stewart)

Well you know, this is one of those things that you are much better at than I: meaning. My problem is that while I can agree with that which he appreciates, (a) it is not reducible to law, and (b) it is not stated as science.
So it’s somewhat like my criticism of Nietzche: these things carry meaning for those whose sentiments desire reinforcement and confirmation.
But they do not provide decidability between that which we aristocratic and male people(K) prefer, and that which the proletarian and feminine people (r) prefer.

So again, I see history as the evolution of argument from the platonic, to the rational, to the scientific to the ‘testimonial’.

So people like Nietzsche and EVKL provide meaningful, inspirational, and confirmation of ideas, they don’t provide legal and scientific ideas that I can test or warranty as truthful.

But they are still speaking in the language of religion. Not in the langue of reason. And not in the language of science. and not in the language of testimony.

In my current thinking, the philosophy of the west is captured in natural law and common law and articulated as law – as prohibitions. and that our commons articulated in our heroism, arts, literature, material commons, and civic institutions, constitutes the positive (aesthetic) ambitions of our civilization.

So I would say that just as children require fables and fairy tales, and youth require biographies and novels, and adults require inspiration and confirmation, and the wisest require require history and science, and today I would demand truthfulness in testimony. That we require these things to inspire us to positive action, so that we can justify our intuitions.

But that tells us nothing about how to resolve differences with people who do not share those objectives. And in fact, it provides us with what are DEMONSTRABLY weak arguments with which to defend ourselves from the hyper-consumption of the socialists, feminists and postmoderns we call secular humanists.

So I see the conservatives before me, other than perhaps Hayek, who correctly identified the law as the only source of liberty, as having failed precisely because they relied on perpetuating the language of religion that was with us during our great cultural formation in the middle ages. I might agree with Nietzche, and applaud his conflation of aesthetics with every branch of philosophy. I might agree with EVKL as a poet and preacher. But that tells me nothing. It teaches many. It informs many. It helps many FEEL less alienated. But it does nothing to empower us to overthrow that which alienates us today- by providing a decidable argument against dysgenic leftist parasitism.

I see the greek truth struggling to survive amidst the babylonian, jewish and christian dogma used as a means of managing the illiterate masses, and finally succeeding with the anglo enlightenment and the printing press.

So I would like to preserve the institution of the church, the pedagogy of the church, but using our pagan nature worshipping, ancestor worshipping, family worshipping, kin worshipping, testimony worshipping and therefore scientific culture exit all remnants of that mystical past.
Including justificationary yet informative essays.

So this isn’t a criticism or a disagreement with them, it is that they merely failed, because they did not know how to preserve meaningful poetic and literary persuasion while at the same time exiting the mysticism and romanticism of the past.

We must build justification on top of SOMETHING that matters. We cannot justify THAT WHICH HAS ALREADY FAILED.

I think truth and heroism are enough to build fable, myth, poetry, play, and narrative upon.

I think that because underneath all the babylonian, jewish and Christian mysticism, that’s all that stands their waiting for us. Because that is all we used to build the west.

Thank you for the wonderful question.

-Curt Doolittle


The West Like The East Practices A Hierarchy of ‘Religions’ Scientific, Legal, Philosophical, Christian and Pagan

Christianity consists of Germanic, Mediterranean, Jewish, Egyptian, and Babylonian ideas. If you were to reduce the western ethic to the jeffersonian bible, and natural law, you would have the germanic elements of it. Indo european aristocracy is what separates the west from the rest. Christianity takes much too much credit for the success of Europe which is as much the product of aristocracy (distributed governance) and its dependence upon trade rather than direct organization of production and heavy taxation, as it was the church. The church was weak, and that was a good thing. It provided literacy, administration, status, and licensed the conquest of unbelievers or violators of the church, in a land where the production of outputs was fairly constant, but the rulership readily changed. It is not the church per se that troubles me, but the use of levantine mysticism instead of aristotelianism and stoicism.
We mix our philosophers in every civilization:
– Chinese use Sun Tzu, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Mao, but call themselves buddhists.
– Americans use Aristotle; Jesus, Peter and Paul; Smith, Hume, Jefferson, Hamilton and Paine, but call themselves christians.
Socialists use their false prophets: the marxists, but call themselves atheists and scientific.
– Germans use Aristotle, Kant…
– French use their authors …
– Muslims (judaism 2.0) reduce it to two books …
It’s hard to dispute the success of Christianity:
– (a) the church desperately worked to rebuild western civilization after the fall of the empire – even if it played a part in the destruction of western civilization itself.
– (b) wherever christianity goes today, wealth follows (eventually), because of the extension of kin love and trust to non-kin.
– (c) christianity somehow imbues us with idealism and this produces great thinkers.
– (d) the institutionalization of kinship love, the extension of property rights to all and to women and the prohibition on cousin marriage were profound advances.
I reduce post-medieval ‘scientific’ Christianity to a personal philosophy:
– sovereignty (non-submission: each man is the master of his fate),
– do no harm: respect property (property-en-toto), and;
– chivalry (try to help everyone you possibly can),
– paternalism (take personal responsibility for the various commons),
– piety (humility and self skepticism as a defense against hubris; the love of all life; the requirement that we create beauty; and awe at the universe great and small).
and combine that personal philosophy with a political philosophy:
– natural law (universal law, necessary for mutual prosperity)
– strict construction (not hermenuetic interpretation)
– mono-logism (one logic of ethics, and many contractual adaptations)
– universalism (if it is indeed true, then it is true for all men)
In other words, a political philosophy of cooperation.
And I view all other political models as a failure to solve the problem of politics (cooperation in the production of commons).
Everything else is merely theatre. Not that theatre is not important. Theater is ritual, and rituals bind. The more expensive the rituals, the greater the binding.
This vision of Christianity is a vision of the empowered. The vision of Christianity for the unempowered, and for the weak must be different. We can have multiple religions to achieve this, we can tell multiple narratives, or we can create multiple ‘saints’ (gods and heroes) for people with different needs to pray to, that symbolize different ends.
I prefer:
– sovereignty to submission;
– prayer as request for will and wisdom from a hero whose soul (memory) lives on in all of us;
– seasonal rituals celebrating life on earth rather than lives of prophets
– worship of life, beauty, joy and friends, to salvation from suffering;
– many gods for many different people to one god for all;
– fairies, elves, dwarves, trolls, forests to angels and deserts.
– the ancient temple to the medieval church;
because one-ness, monopoly, and authority are cancers for the human mind and spirit.
I am pretty certain of:
– Mindfulness:
– – buddhism for the feminine (defensive control of the impulsive mind)
– – stoicism for the masculine (offensive discipline in furtherance of action)
– western myths and fairy tales
– truth telling as the most important normative commons we can construct.
– grammar, rhetoric, logic, scientific method (testimonialism), economics, history, as producing higher return in current civilization than our current emphasis on abstract calculation which will soon be replaced by machinery.
And the trouble in the modern era is:
– these are masculine prophets and philosophers. Women in each civilization, not only ours, seek to restore the matrilineal order, parasitism and de-civilization, through the newfound power of the state. The only solution I can come up with is to make use of voluntary exchange between classes and to give women a house from which to negotiate those exchanges, rather than empower them through democracy to destroy civilization. Science is reversing a century and a half of feminist and socialist pseudoscience. But it is happening slowly. Whether too slowly is the open question.
(I am still working on religion. so this is just my current thinking)


We Can Restore Western Civilization. It’s Not Difficult. It’s Just Done At The Point Of A Gun.

Having a ‘Systematizing’ mind (which is a nice sounding term for an autistic and compulsive need for order in everything whether useful or not) mostly helps you find similar patterns in what were to most people are disconnected subjects.

You can however, take this method too far, as most philosophers have, by trying to carry an analogy like a hammer that is looking for nails. And so I am very cautious about doing that.

But fortunately or unfortunately, once you start to see how simple human behavior is, and how obfuscatory most of our language is – by conflating experience, action, observation and intention – it becomes clear that like most things man has discovered, the fundamental principles are quite simple.

Man acquires. Man cooperates because acquisition is dramatically superior when we cooperate. Man cheats. Because it improves his acquisition costs if he gets away with it. Man invests heavily in suppression of cheating in order to preserve the incentive to cooperate at every opportunity.

Males evolved so that a group of brothers collected women and kept away competing males. Females evolved to keep the peace and to control alphas wherever possible – especially once men developed weapons such that betas could be rallied to suppress alphas.

There are three ways of coercion and man specializes in them. As such we don’t develop a single class hierarchy, but we develop three, and whatever group is more useful at the moment leads while the others compete for leadership – the first time in history that the martial class has been out of power is the USA between 1963 and the present. Which hasn’t been very good for the west.

Man justifies his negotiating position and ‘feels’ he speaks morally and justly when he does so, but this is only true if and only if cooperation with competitors is voluntarily produced so that each side must compromise.

So majority rule is dysfunctional because it makes exchanges impossible. The virtue of the anglo model was that just as the private sector formed a market for the production of goods and services, the public sector formed a market for the production of commons. And they did that by exchanges between the houses: monarchy, nobility, middle class, and clergy.

So upon enfranchising women, we did not create a separate house for them and their ‘special interests’ but because of their less diverse interests, they concentrated their forces with the minority of ‘cheating’ males, and incrementally destroyed western civilization.

We can quite easily repair this process. But it is going to be done at the point of a gun, not by the moral judgement of women and their allies in the Cathedral complex.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


When Is External Aggression Warranted?


External aggression is warranted when a lower trust polity causes harm to a higher trust polity, and the result of aggression will be an increase in the level of non-parasitism. In other words, it tis always moral and warranted to export high trust against the will of lower trust peoples. The problem is, it can almost never be done without colonizing and ruling them, and bearing the expense of doing it. Most often it is cheaper and easier to punish them severely so that you raise the cost of their low trust behavior until they adopt high trust out of practical convenience.


A Monopoly of Law, A Monopoly of Commons, A Market of Everything Else

The single necessity of monopoly organization is the holding of territory. The single necessity of objectively moral law is universal: prohibition on parasitism. The single necessity of objectively moral commons is universal: prohibition on privatization – also parasitism. The objective necessity of group survival is cooperation in the means of production. The objective necessity of group persistence is cooperation in the means of reproduction.
To evolve these necessities we need a territory secured by men willing to fight for it; we need an independent judiciary that discovers objectively moral law during the resolution of conflicts; and we need an independent market in which the classes can conduct exchanges in order to construct their desired commons, and to prohibit the privatization of those commons; and we need a market for the division of knowledge and labor; and we need a market for reproduction that produces families families that bear and rear offspring for subsequent generations.