(Humor / Sarcasm) Stomping on Bunnies.

(I know I shouldn’t do this, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.)

Curt Doolittle
I am not interested in should, I am interested in shall. Not in persuasion but compliance. Not in compromise but in defeat. Not in tolerance but in deportation.


Wow you sound just like Hitler.

Superb. Thank you.

heil mein fuhrer

Curt Doolittle
Men conduct arguments.
Men act on those arguments
Men pay the costs of their action
Little girls gossip, rally and shame.
Infantilized boys imitate the gossip, rallying and shaming of little girls.

Wow what a coward you are you lack the courage of your convictions.

Curt Doolittle
Perhaps – or it could be that I find irony in illustrative and amusing taunt to the infantilized male. wink emoticon
We either use our wealth of violence to prevent conquest, or we prefer present consumption to our perpetuation.
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What the hell are you talking about? are you drunk?

No, he’s just stupid. You can fix ignorance, you cannot fix stupid

Curt Doolittle
It is a veritable certainty that I am both more intelligent and better read than you are. Which aside from statistical probability, requires no other evidence than ad hominem attempts at shaming rather than rational or empirical argument.

No your an idiot!

Curt Doolittle:  Keep it up Curt!!! Wish I had your vocabulary, grammar, etc.

Curt Doolittle
^one grain of sand at a time. You will get there if you wish to. Just take all the time you need. smile emoticon -hugs


Why IQ Matters So Much? For Good Reasons:

1) Pareto effect requires 20% of the population control production through control of private property. The more talented is that 20%, the higher competitive ability and performance of the economy, and the greater prosperity.

2) Norms MUST reflect the average of the polity, and reflect the Pareto distribution of property.

3) About 106 is the minimum IQ necessary for expression of ideas and abstract concepts. This is the minimum IQ necessary for work with concepts rather than manual operations. It takes an IQ of 106 to ‘repair’ a machine, or articulate your ideas.

4) Lower IQ people demonstrate less moral behavior, and higher IQ people demonstrate more moral behavior.

5) Dunning Krueger effect increases as IQ decreases, increasing discord. In truth it is always present except that the effect is general and disruptive in lower classes, and niche and understood in the upper.

6) Those people with IQ below 106, will find it increasingly difficult to find work requiring other than unskilled manual labor or unskilled service labor. If one cannot make use of abstractions to calculate something or other then one will be unemployable, since anything that does not require abstractions is rapidly open to automation.

This six factors MUST lead to social and economic discord.

We have ceased our western program of eugenics both in the aggressive culling of criminals from the gene pool through constant hanging, in the suppression of the reproduction of the lower classes through manorialism, in the use of unskilled labor in frequent war, and in the restriction of immigration to ghettos.

Worse, we have transferred rates of reproduction from the middle and upper class to the lower classes through redistribution.

The eugenicists were correct – but involuntary surgery is difficult for us to accept. The softer method of practicing eugenics is paying the unemployable not to reproduce; limiting immigration to extremely skilled labor; expanding employment into our later years so that minor service jobs are filled by the aged (keeping them healthier), and expanding it downward to youth, so that minor labor jobs are filled by the young. The evidence is that we should decrease time spent in education and increase labor participation both in the young and old. More time in production and activity and less time sitting and listening to propaganda. We destroyed most of the western intellectual advantage in one century, and we can return in the same amount of time.

The west and east differ from the rest, in aggressive programs of eugenics. The west differs from the east in the consequences of heroism: individualism, truth telling, high trust, elimination of corruption, and the economic velocity that accompanies it.

They always have been. They always will be. Until there is no longer an underclass. We did not oppress the underclasses, we defended mankind, civilization and the earth itself from them.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, ukraine


The CEO is a Meritocratic, Not Privileged Occupation – It’s Not Bias, It’s Ability

( RE: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0160289615001300 )

Across the last two decades ≈ 40% of CEOs were on the top 1% of cognitive ability. Even within CEOs, education/ability was associated with company gross revenue. Becoming and performing as CEO can be considered a difficult mental test battery.

(I want to add that above the upper 1% line, men vastly outnumber women, which is why men vastly outnumber women in all extremes of life.)


A Conviction, A Prayer, A Threat, and A Promise – Of Violence

—I am not concerned with should, I am concerned with shall. Not in persuasion but compliance. Not in tolerance but in expurgation. Not in compromise but in defeat. Not in accommodation but deportation. And should deportation fail, not conciliation, but in hanging, impaling, crucifixion and pyres. There is a vast difference between convenience and conviction, between discount and premium. Between excuse for inaction and bearing costly action. And those empty verbal “should’s, requests, pleas, and demands”, are a deceit by which to obscure taking an unearned discount,  by justifying inaction, and by inaction, creating a theft from one’s ancestors, ones peers and all generations that might follow. And so there is plenty rope, pole, lumber, and pyre for such lairs, cheaters, and thieves as well as those they pretend to defend, but merely seek to escape the costs of defending against.  And we shall hang, impale, crucify and burn those that fail to act, as well as those who commit violence, lie, cheat and steal in the name of their invasion.—

Violence is a virtue when put to virtuous ends.


Economic Methodologies As Expressions of Class Philosophy and Reproductive Strategy

(good piece)(useful)(for austrians)

Just as in physical science, information is the model by which we fallible humans least inaccurately carry on a discourse and achieve understanding. Accuracy matters not just because convenience and tradition introduce errors, but because these errors are externalized to the rest of the population.

Perhaps more importantly, as economists, we are more accountable for the externalities produced by our use of ‘terms of convenience’ than are thinkers in other fields.

For example, the Cantorian fallacy of multiple infinities rather than ‘the rate at which we pair off positional numbers’ has led to intellectual externalities in popular culture if not philosophy and physics departments as well. Just as very few of those entities that mathematicians refer to exist as numbers, but instead exist only as functions. Just as economists refer to the movement of the curve rather than the behavior of individuals resulting in a change in an aggregate measure. These are habituations but they are unscientific terms in that they fail the test of existence unless stated operationally. And that is the problem with much discourse in economics.

1) Natural : evolutionarily extant deterministic patterns absent the intentional or accidental intervention of man, and/or outlier events such as shocks. –“the natural rate of interest refers to the amount that would balance supply and demand for money (or maybe investment) in the evenly rotating economy.”–

2) Austrian: the program whose members search for improvements in institutions of cooperation within the voluntary organization of production, distribution and trade through improvements in information, improving the ability of actors to plan. Purpose: improve symmetry of information.
(Long term – Conservatism – K-selection – Capital – Aristocracy – Force/Law – Virtue Ethics )

3) Chicago(Freshwater): the program whose members search for rules by which to extend non-discretionary rule of law by incorporating economic policy, such that interference via disinformation in the voluntary organization of production distribution and trade is procedural and non-discretionary, preserving the ability of actors to plan. Purpose: repair asymmetries of information.
(Medium term – Liberalism – “Production-Selection” – Productivity – Bourgeoise – Exchange/Trade – Rule Ethics)

4) Keynesian(Saltwater): the program which seeks the maximum discretionary limits of disinformation insertable into in institutions of cooperation within the voluntary organization of production, to accelerate consumption without dis-incentivizing consumption and production. Purpose: produce misinformation as an incentive to produce and consume.
(Short Term – Progressivism – r-selection – Consumption – Working Classes – Gossip-Rally-Shame/Boycott – Outcome Ethics)

5) Socialist: the program which seeks to circumvent the volatility and meritocracy of the voluntary organization of cooperation by providing information and institutions necessary for the involuntary organization of production, distribution and trade. Purpose: Eliminate individual need for information and decision.
(Authoritarian – dysgenic selection – Proletarian Class – Revolt – non-ethical).

This spectrum from NATURAL to SOCIALIST, constructed by changes in discretionary information, provides limits, and therefore greater tests of necessary truth content than any analysis of the meaning individual terms.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


In Defense of Trump

( RE: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/tama-starr-ugly-art-trump-deals-article-1.2422470? )

Tamara Starr is merely unsophisticated, and lacks understanding of the construction business, in which the majority of players first underbid to win, then engage in scamming the developer – the one who has the money – due to asymmetry of information: subcontractors know their craft and the developer cannot.

So the developer’s rational strategy is to force all parties into negotiations post delivery. In general the rule of thumb is that profitability of construction projects is obtained in court, as the only possible way to force subcontractors into truthful accounting, because they are under threat of perjury, and prosecution for lying to the court rather than just to the developer.

This is very similar to international relations where no parties deal ethically and most have little concept of it and many see ethical negotiation as stupidity or weakness.

That is why trump is the perfect man for this stage of Americas development.

Unfortunately, as ms Starr demonstrates, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Or more technically: The Dunning-Kruger effect is Everywhere.

Curt Doolittle, the Propertarian Institute, Kiev Ukraine.


The Great Decoupling Part II -Is Tech Driving Income Equality? No. But Tech Firms Are.

(Important concept) (RE: http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/03/marc-andreessen-and-sheryl-sandberg-tech-is-not-driving-income-inequality/ )


1) Yes, global inequality on a COUNTRY by COUNTRY level is declining (profoundly). This is because few countries fail to adopt and practice consumer capitalism (the voluntary organization of production distribution and trade, made possible by fiat money and credit: the use of shares in the nation’s government as a money substitute.)

2) BUT, as a consequence, the FIRM that you work for is now more influential than your COUNTRY in determining your relative income.
*If you let that sink in, it will profoundly alter your perception of the world. The west developed rule of law (instead of rule by law), property rights, contract law, accounting, banking, credit, interest, fiat money, fiat credit, high-trust, and consumer capitalism – but like any technology, this consumer capitalism is open to adoption. Furthermore, it is this consumer capitalism that is the origin of western relative prosperity, and democracy is an expensive luxury good made possible by consumer capitalism and high trust. The west will continue to prosper as long as high-trust is preserved. But, preservation of this high trust – the extension of kinship trust to customers and neighbors – is incompatible with current political doctrine. Small homogenous scandinavian countries on the edge of a wet continent with no hostile borders, and no competitors are not role models – they are outliers.*

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


The Great Decoupling, and The Influence of Internatioanl Firms In Creating Local Inequality

(RE: http://andrewmcafee.org/2012/12/the-great-decoupling-of-the-us-economy/ )

Information is the model for both natural and social sciences.

If wages for labor rose in the industrial era and are declining in the information era then those prices (wages) are telling us something.

If wages for problem solvers was limited in the era of concentrated capital (early industry), and is expanding in the era of distributed capital between temporary alliances of firms – then we should see increasing wages where capital is concentrated and decreasing wages where distributed.

So instead of internationally wealthy and poor countries we also have internationally wealthy and poor firms and a decoupling of the previous dependence on the local state. And we have a declining wage for anyone not in a firm able to concentrate capital.  The influence of local economy on global companies must decline.

And to make matters worse, capital today is available at zero cost. So the only marginally competitive value is in human beings marginally superior to other human beings. Meaning that human capital  – the high end of ability – is increasingly important and labor decreasingly important.

Technological man is the scarce resource(genetics).

High trust is the scarce political environment(culture).

The industrial era was an outlier.

Farming went from a good business in 1830, to a terrible business in 1930. Industrial labor is following farming. And white collar labor is close behind.

Hence Propertarianism tells me that we must pay off the unemployable to maintain the commons, and decrease their numbers


What Neo-Reaction Consists In? Three Points: The Cathedral Criticism, NeoCameralism, and “Formalism”

(RE: http://freenortherner.com/2015/11/06/what-is-neoreaction/ )

( Hoppe is a german rationalist cum cosmopolitan, yarvin/mencius is a cosmopolitan, and I am an anglo empiricist. This is not an opinion, but a statement of the method of argument employed. And the differences in our approaches demonstrate the weaknesses of the hermeneutic cosmopolitan, and german rationalist methods compared to the anglo empirical method.

In this response I try to hint at why propertarianism is very much part of the dark enlightenment, but post-NRx in the sense that it’s an empirical rather than rational or moral formation. )

Not that I mean to act as a critic, or to draw attention away from your excellent post, but you might need to add the third point in the first position.

First and foremost it is a criticism of the Cathedral Complex: Academy, State and Media, and the use of propaganda to perpetuate detrimental falsehoods.

I would argue that the criticism of the Cathedral Complex as a False Promise using deceit, pseudoscience, and propaganda, is the first principle of Neo-Reaction, and the most effective content in the neo-reactionary movement.

NeoCameralism I agree with. The state is a corporation acting in the interests of its management and staff at the expense of the customers long term interest, by the constant sale of territorial, physical, cultural, and normative capital in exchange for short term consumption (r-selection). The problem is, how do we construct commons: territorial, physical, cultural, and normative while at the same time, eliminating the privatization of those commons that is the means by which the Academy, State, Media complex sustains and expands itself?

Formalism attempts but fails to capture what one intuits in its use, which is why I’ve restated it in greater depth as a complete philosophical system

It is the failure of formalism (because the author is a hermeneuticist of the cosmopolitan jewish tradition) that prevents neo-reaction from institutional actionability. Unless expressible as law (the anglo analytic and empirical tradition) it must be propagated as religion using the same propaganda mechanisms that the cathedral complex relied upon, but without possessing either the assets of distribution or equalling the incentives that the cathedral promises. This is non-logical.

In propertarianism and testimonialism I have created a formal system of thought that unifies biology, psychology, morality, sociology, philosophy, law, economics, and war into a formal logic (Formalism). Propertarianism inverts democracy to a market for commons between the classes, not dependent upon assent, but upon dissent: survival under universal standing under law. (prohibition on parasitic outcomes). A law which is made possible by the formal unification of the fields.

Small changes in the law – the constitution upon which laws are constructed – make a reactionary program possible. But in this case, it is not reactionary, but revolutionary – not restitution but reformation.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.


We Ask Too Much of Men – I Am Happy With Specialization Rather Than Equality

In propertarianism I refer to three coercive technologies, and three classes that master them.

I am perfectly happy mastering my class’s technology (violence: law and war, and to a lesser degree remuneration: production distribution and trade, and to a lesser degree gossip/morality.). But if I had my ‘druthers’ I would master only law and war, and let better men master remuneration and gossip.

We ask too much of men under equality. It is hard enough to specialize in one thing. Why must we master three? If we cooperate we need not. And that would make most of us much happier. Men love to be in their role and respected for it. The common man care less about our position than success in that position.