A Priesthood.

A ‘priesthood’ of Judges of the natural law.
A King For the defense of the realm.
An Army for the Production of Territory
Nobility For the Production of Commons.
Burghers for the Production of Consumption.
Families for the Production of Generations
Teachers for the various crafts.
Entertainers for relief, and Artists for aspiration.
Scientists and Engineers for invention
Calculators and Managers for organization
Craftsmen for Creation
Labor for Its own.
Militia, Emergency and Hospitaliers for all.
This society will self organize and evolve just as does nature.
All others will stagnate and fail.


The British Lead In Serfdom


—“When I wrote my “state of exception as new paradigm of government” back in 2010/11 I was extremely dissatisfied with it and felt that I was doing conspiracy theory. In fa t, it was one of the charges was thrown way when I defended my thesis. Now, it seems to me that I was hopelessly naive in my conclusions. I thought that we were entering an era of police states what I did not realise was that we had been living it for 20 years. I was harsh on the Americans, soft on the Brits and harsh on the French. Whilst in fact the biggest, the most relentless champion of the total state is Britain itself.”—
Ayelam Agaliba Adda

A bureaucracy seeking empire it no longer possesses.


The West Failed in 1900

We had almost everything right prior to 1900.

We could have survived Darwin’s repudiation of God.

But our thinkers failed to solve the problem of pseudoscience and verbalism as a replacement for divine mysticism.

We can solve that now with Truthfulness and defense of the informational commons.

We can create a strictly constructed law and return to our origins as an empirical rather than ideological civilization.

But men must choose to risk life and limb to impose truth or we will simply descend into the barbarism that is the normal condition of uncivilized mankind – the rest of the world.

And in doing so, deprive mankind of western innovation for another millennium – if not forever.

There are no more isolated indo europeans left to rescue mankind from another wave of ignorance, superstition, mysticism, pseudoscience and organized deception.

We must chooses to rule. Or we doom mankind to another dark age. We will see the west decline from the cancer of islam as has North Africa, as has Byzantium, as has Persia, as have parts of central Asia.

We must save the world from the genetic and habitual-cultural spread of ignorance.

What separates the west from the rest is 1% of the population that seeks to preserve aristocracy, eugenics, technology, science, law, and truth from its opposites.

There is evil in the world and it is everywhere.


Good Philosophers Matter


So, as evidence of the importance of philosophers – at least the scientific kind – the failure of the western culture in the 20th century was due to the failure of the western thinkers to solve the problem of truthfulness that would have ended the combination of democracy and pseudoscience in the present era, just as philosophers failed to defeat the combination of immigration of third worlders, ignorance of women, transportation, writing, and mysticism in the ancient world.



Suggestion both Informs and Deceives


We should not be surprised, if experience is transferred by the process of using names of properties by means of suggestion, that those who would master deception would do so by the same process of suggestion.

Meaning, that one can seek to inform or to deceive by the same means. And that some of us should specialize in the suggestion of truth, some in the suggestion of honesty, some in the suggestion of error, and some in the suggestion of falsehood, should not surprise us.

What should surprise us is how willingly susceptible to suggestion we humans are if suggestion confirms our natural cognitive or moral biases. Nor should it surprise us if others develop specialization in suggestions that invoke our moral biases.


Democracy is a Luxury Good that's the Product of Rule of Law.

The luxury of democratic redistribution is the product of the prosperity that results from the long term application of rule of law, common law, natural law, and eugenic reproduction.

Man is naturally parasitic and societies without rule of law, common law, natural law, and eugenic reproduction operate at the maximum corruption possible both at the political and personal level.


The Rifle Did It. Just As The Spear.

The moment the professional warrior could be countered by the rifleman the domestication of the aristocracy was doomed, because it was the soldier protecting his leaders instead of the leaders protecting their workers.

This mirrors the evolution of the spear which allowed the alpha to be controlled, reproduction to be distributed, and women to use gossip to incite the betas to contain or kill the alphas.

The development of expensive metal armor, the wheel-chariot, and the horse, restored the alpha.

The rifle restored the balance.

If we are to rule, then how are we to gain asymmetry and restore eugenic reproduction, and the meritocratic society?


It Doesn't Matter Who Rules - Only That We Deny People Rule.

We always get it backwards.
It doesn’t matter who rules.
Only that we deny people the ability to rule.
We deny them through rule of law.
A king is but a judge of last resort.
A government but an insurer of last resort.
A parliament but a market for the production of commons: a market of last resort.
All else from family to production is market activity alone.


Modern Military Thought is Not Helpful In Revolutionary War

A friend brings up an important topic and that is that revolutionaries and soldiers, and revolution and combined arms warfare have little to do with each other.

You already hold the territory
Your objective is not to concentrate forces but to act randomly.
Your cost of territorial possession is zero.
Your timetable is long.
Your strategy is attrition.
Your preferred weapon is fire.
Your targets are all soft.
You need little command and control.
You need no supply lines.

Our military is terrible at fighting the new generation of civil warfare.


Render Unto Caesar ...

God / Caesar.
Pedagogy / Law.
Experience / Truth.
Creativity / Decidability.
Wisdom / Criticism
Preference / Necessity
Cooperation / Conflict
Ambition / Constraint
Literature / Science