Institutional Solutions



Institutional Solutions

Policy Recommendations (UNDONE)

A list of policy positions I recommend assuming that we keep our existing form of government. I know that’s a big assumption for libertarians. But we have to start somewhere.

How To Repair Our Government And Restore Our Rights.(UNDONE)

It isn’t that hard really. Just relocate and vote. The real mess comes after doing it.

A Solution To Current Problems Of American Government (UNDONE)

It is quite possible to create a government where social classes cooperate rather than compete in venomous class warfare.

Culture Through Education

Neil Postman is right. We need a new cultural narrative. It’s just that we need a better narrative than he recommends. The west is unique because of its ‘game’ system consisting of competition through a decentralized balance of powers, and because the west succeeded in creating the nuclear family in place of the paternalistic family and its extension, the tribe.

How Americans Reap Extraordinary Profits From Their Military-Credit Complex.(UNDONE)

The American Military is Very Profitable. Really. Here’s why.



General Principles

(UNDONE: None of these documents are currently linked)

  1. Why Political Discourse is Hostile: People and their Differences
  2. The First Problem Is Bureaucracy: Privatize ALMOST everything.
  3. The Second Problem Is Politicians: Meritocratic Lottocracy over Universal Democracy – and Economic Voting
  4. The Third Problem Is Numbers: It’s Calculation, Stupid. Rational Debate Requires Better Numbers
  5. The Fourth Problem Is In Having Only One House: There Really Are Social Classes, and they’re very different.
  6. The Sixth Problem Is Our Constitution: Loose definitions Lead To Oppressive Government
  7. The Seventh Problem Is Law and Regulation: Evolving Law for the information era.
  8. The Eighth Problem Is Taxation, Money, and Credit: It’s possible to make everyone happy.
  9. The Ninth Problem Is Redistribution and Services: Class cooperation and calculation
  10. The Tenth Problem Is Open Immigration: Open Immigration is incompatible with redistribution – buying your way in.
  11. The Eleventh Problem Is Liability: FInancialization is theft. Self Regulating Bankers – like Lawyers, Accountants and Doctors.
  12. The Twelfth Problem Is Accountability and Measurement: Individual accounts and individual measurements – a debit card.