I. A Libertarian Language For Conservatives

Improving the civic political debate by giving conservatives a rational language: Propertarianism.

II. An Institutional Solution To The Problem Of Politics

Providing an improvement to our institutions so that people with incompatible goals can cooperate for mutual benefit.

III. A Libertarian Reformation Is In Process  (INCOMPLETE)

The previous generations of libertarians, who had to fight ideological world communism, and practical political socialism, is about to be replaced by the the next generation, which actively seeks to restore our freedoms on one end, and to prepare for the future against the failure of the western empire on the other. While the rothbardians have succeeded in creating a libertarian ideology that inspires the masses, its up to intellectuals to create a framework of institutions to make those ideologies implementable.

IV. Propertarianism and Propertarian: Definition and History of terms

A little history of the terms Propertarian, and Propertarianism.