The Virtue Of Violence

Violence is an asset each of us is born with. Some of us little. Some of us much. We can increase that asset, or fail to.

We give that asset to the state to manage on our behalf. And if they abuse it, we must rescind it, and use it to establish a government that will make better use of it.

The norm of ‘Property’ cannot be created without the application of violence. Markets and cities in the west did not evolve. They were created. They were created by the application of violence. The martial system consisting of a technology-employing minority, required the equestrian nobility to finance and arm itself, and to fight independently.

That system is the source of western uniqueness – the “balance of power.” The “game-like social order” was unique and still is so. From that balance of power came debate. From debate reason. From reason science. From science the rest of the west’s exceptionalism. Violence is a virtue, not a vice. Violence is the source of reason. It is the source of science. It is the source of property, and property is the source of prosperity.

The concept of Violence has been sanitized from discourse and debate under the auspices of being a ‘fee’ for entering the conversation. It is a cheap fee in our era. But it is a fee none the less. The fact that we willingly pay this discounted cost should not confuse us into assuming violence does not exist. To do so is to assume our manners are necessary truths rather practical conveniences. It is to lose sight of the very reason we debate int he first place: as a proxy for violence. As a less expensive means of determining the use of property.